Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How To Make Cold Turkey Work For You

Going cold turkey on smoking sounds easy in theory. But it is, in fact, the stop-smoking technique that has the highest fail rate because it doesn't use any smoking cessation products to help out with the withdrawal symptoms.

It's the withdrawal symptoms that usually lure the smokers back into the habit. Why, indeed, would you want to suffer from withdrawal when you can simply just light a stick again.

The answer is: It's for your own health and for the peace of mind of those who love you.

There's a way for you to make cold turkey work effectively. You can start by:

=> Familiarizing yourself with the withdrawal symptoms that may come so that you can find a workaround ahead of time,

=> Drinking lots of water to help flush out the nicotine from your system,

=> Counting slowly from 10 to 0 when the urge to smoke hits you.

=> Keeping a cigarette substitute handy just to have something to pre-occupy your hand and mouth with.

Then again, there's nothing like talking to a loved-one when you feel like you're about to lose to your cravings to get you back on track. So don't dismiss cold turkey just yet. Who knows, it might work successfully on you.

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Written By Abbey Grace Yap

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