Friday, April 30, 2010

Fighting for a Food Revolution

Have you ever heard of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution show? It's all about Mr. Oliver's attempt to change the way children eat in schools.

The show is set in Huntington, WV which has been deemed the unhealthiest city in the US. About 45% of the population has been diagnosed with obesity and diabetes-related health concerns.

Poor food choices and unhealthy eating habits are among the biggest causes of both conditions, and fortunately enough, the world-renowned chef is set to help change that.

What better place to start this change than inside the schools and with the children, right?

Now, if a rich and popular chef is taking interest in making sure that we eat healthy and stay healthy, why aren't we? It's our health on the line and yet we're doing nothing to make sure that we live long and fruitful lives.

It's so funny how they even aired an episode where a school cook continues to be resilient to the changes Mr. Oliver is trying to implement.

Are we really trying to send out a message that we don't care for our health and that of our children?

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Written By Abbey Grace Yap

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