Friday, March 5, 2010

Selling Breastmilk Online

While breastmilk is best for infants, selling breastmilk online is still not advisable as this can get contaminated through improper handling.

There are cases in Canada where women with surplus breastmilk production would go online to cater the needs of other women who could not produce enough breastmilk of their own for the consumption of their babies.

Take the case of a woman who gave birth to a child with Down syndrome. Since the baby has difficulty swallowing due to slow muscle development, doctors advised her to pump her breastmilk for tube-feeding. Realizing that the baby is allergic to cow's milk protein, the mother had to stop eating dairy products as well, thus, the breastmilk previously pumped could no longer be used by her son. This prompted her to sell the three-month's worth of pumped breastmilk for up to $500.

Though the ad was pulled out because selling of bodily fluids online is forbidden, still, similar online ads remain in circulation.

Due to the health risks of bacterial contamination and transmission through breastmilk, including HIV virus and traces of prescription and non-prescription drugs, the federal government does not recommend private selling of human breastmilk.

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