Thursday, March 18, 2010

After The Flood

The effects of global warming can no longer be ignored. Recent phenomena of flash floods and “El Nino” are just few of the consequences resulting from man's irresponsible attitude toward the environment and nature.

In the case of flash flood, the destruction it brings is not the only thing we need to be concerned about. Even after we survive such calamity, getting back to ordinary life is not that easy. We should not forget that floodwaters are dirty and heavily contaminated by different sources of disease.

Household items that get in contact with the flood should be handled properly. In fact, it is not wise to live in a flooded home until proper clean up procedure that involves disinfecting with sanitizing solutions has been conducted.

Also, do not salvage food that have been exposed to flood waters. Even sealed canned goods may be contaminated.

Make sure the water supply is safe for use. Public water supply system usually gives advisory. If you have your own deep-well for water supply, it is assumed to be contaminated.

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