Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Knowing Food Safety Hazards

No matter how meticulous we try in choosing the right kind of food, if we are not cautious in preparation and storage, contamination may still take place. That is why it is very important that we know the different hazards to food safety to better guard our health and well-being.

Cooked food should not be left out in the open or room temperature for more than two hours. Otherwise, bacteria will start to invade and contaminate it. Make sure to wrap left over foods or stored in clean containers before placing them inside the refrigerator.

Proper storage should be given attention. Segregate vegetable, meat, and fruits. Raw meat can have bacteria that could easily spoil fresh fruits and veggies. Make it a point to wrap meat thoroughly before placing them in the freezer.

Be wary of the expiration dates of the food you buy. This is usually indicated on the label and packaging or at the top or bottom of canisters and bottles. Beyond the date indicated, food may no longer be safe for consumption, especially for meat and dairy products. Remember that food appearance and smell are not enough basis for food safety.

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