Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Slow Food Movement

You must be thinking, what in the world is a slow food? Well, it's the opposite of what we've been stuffing ourselves with these days – fast food.

I've only recently heard about it and fully support this movement. It's about time we changed our eating habits by deviating from the fast food diet we so loyally subscribe to.

How do one get into the slow food movement? Let me share some tips:

1. Support your local market. Buy ingredients at your local market. Not only does this ensure that you get fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables, but it also helps keep the local agriculture industry thriving.

2. Start from scratch. Don't buy microwavable meals. Instead, make a quick round at the nearest farmers market and buy ingredients that you can use to cook fresh food.

3. Set aside time to eat. Don't make food something that you need to get over with as soon as possible. Make it just as important a priority as any other things in your life. Food, after all, helps keep you health enough to do what you need to do.

How about you, are you sticking with fast food or will you switch to slow food today?

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