Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bully for Bullies: Help Your Child Against Bullying

Acts of bullying can cause your child undue stress and even distract him from schoolwork. Up to half of all children are bullied at some point during their school years, according to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. To help your child handle school bullying, learn to recognize it and know how to respond.

1. Watch out for signs of bullying.
Some of the most common signs of bullying include reluctance of going to school, damaged clothing or personal belongings, unexplained bruises and other injuries, and poor academic performance.

2. Encourage your child to talk and share.
It is difficult for bullied children to talk so when they do, so encourage and ensure them of your support. Express understanding and concern. Assure your child that being bullied is not his fault.

3. Teach your child how to respond to bullies.
Teach your child how to assert himself and walk away whenever acts of bullying occurs. The same goes for cyber and verbal bullying. Teach your child to ignore and file messages from bullies for proof.

Sometimes, bullies just don't know when to stop. In cases like this, bring bullying to the attention of authorities. The bullies' parents, teachers, and school authorities can intervene.

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