Monday, February 8, 2010

Get Rid Of Chemical-Based Insecticides

Environmental issues like global warming is very much in the news today. Many factors contribute to its cause, one of which is the use of chemical-based insecticides to control pests that plague farms and crop plantations.

While the main purpose of insecticide use is to eradicate pests that are feeding on the crops and affecting its production, its chemical contents have some adverse effects on the plants that are being treated, the ground or soil where these plants grow, the animals in its surroundings, and on humans within the vicinity of the farm as well as those who get to buy the produce the comes from the farm.

These insecticides are found to have elements that are carcinogenic and neuro-toxic. The effects of these harmful elements usually lead to various health conditions. That is why insecticides and fertilizers made from biological and natural ingredients are developed to serve as a solution in reducing, if not totally eradicating, contaminants in the farm minus the detrimental effects of harmful chemicals that come from commercial insecticides. This is called organic farming and produce from this method is called organic products.

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Written By Monch Bravante

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