Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beware Of Food Poisoning

Admit it. Some of us would eat food in the fridge even if they already smelled a little bit odd. Or there are times when we no longer heat up leftovers because we are too hungry to do so. The result? Our stomach rumbles and we get a sick feeling of throwing up.

It could be a case of food poisoning. Most people would easily point to bacteria as the cause of food poisoning. However, food poisoning causes can be classified into two types: either by infectious agents or by toxic agents.

Infectious agents include bad bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Toxic agents include pesticides and improper handling of exotic foods.

Food handlers should practice good hygiene to ensure that the food we buy from groceries or those that we order from restaurants are safe from contamination. Improper temperature storage can also result to food contamination.

One of the the most common food poisoning agent is salmonella bacteria. It usually breeds in poultry products like eggs, in meat, unprocessed milk, and water. Salmonella food-poisoning can attack all ages, both men and women.

So, the next time you put food in your mouth, make sure they are free from any food-poisoning agent.

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