Monday, December 7, 2009

Preventing children be exposed to Ultraviolet Radiation

Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) is one element or component of the sun's solar radiation. Excessive exposure to this element can affect our skin badly. This harmful radiation is filtered by our Ozone Layer, it acts like a net, it reduces the amount of UV rays entering our atmosphere. The more vital to this dangerous radiation is our children. They often spend most of their time playing under the sun.

With the current World Crisis of Ozone Depletion they are more prone to skin diseases caused by this harmful rays. With that said, World Health Organization (WHO) is having continuous campaign on reducing the children too much exposure to this harmful radiation. As much as possible they are advising parents to lead their children to grow in a safe environment reducing them the risk of getting skin diseases.

Some tips:
- keep your children protected from harmful rays by putting sunblock that has high protection capability from UV.
- let them play on a safe environment that have lots of shades of trees.
- Cover them up with protective clothing such as hat and sunglasses.
- Limit their exposure in the noontime sun.

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